About Me (Including My Ground Rules)

I’ve been a professional newsman, adman, critic and editor, and I’ve written reams upon reams of stuff, from reviews of rock records to flap copy on books; I have cashed checks from periodicals ranging from Playboy to Creem to Rolling Stone. I’ve also published my share of fiction (one story even Honorably Mentioned by Gardner Dozois!), so I live in the realms of both real and unreal.

Here’s some news about an entertaining project. You can buy it from Amazon here. I’m also secretly involved in this one, this one, and this one too.

WHO LEGALLY OWNS THIS STUFF: All material by Tom Dupree is copyright © 2009 – 2020 by Tom Dupree, except “The Recall of Cthulhu,” which is copyright © 2003 by Tom Dupree. All rights reserved. All rites preserved. All right! You can link to me to your heart’s content, but don’t reprint anything without my written permission unless you are directly responsible for creating or publicizing any book, flick, play, etc., on which I comment, k?

SUPPORTED BY READERS LIKE YOU: Throughout this site, whenever you “click through” from one of my pages (as in the second graf above) and then buy a product, you are both throwing a few pence my way at no extra cost to yourself and supporting quality bloggosity. Generous you! Simply clicking on a book cover, for example, will usually take you to a page where you can buy the book and donate to Y&M,D out of their pocket, not yours. I humbly “say” in advance (it’s virtual, dawg!), 10-Q very much.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: If this site were a movie, it would be rated PG-13. The language is mild, with a tiny few exceptions, but the author assumes his readers are either adults or intelligent, discerning younger folk who will become adults sooner than they realize.

SPOILER ALERT: I try my best to keep them rare. I never divulge plot surprises without clearly warning you in advance, so read any reviews with confidence.

ADVERTISING: Occasionally you may see some advertising just after a post. In liberal-arts terms, this is WordPress’s quid pro quo for hosting my site gratis. I have no problem with this, but I neither endorse nor disparage any outfit whose ads happen to show up, and I get no dough therefrom; it’s all out of my hands. Again: to send your marketing pence my way directly, simply click on something within a post and purchase it.

A NOTE FROM THE A-V CLUB: If you encounter a broken link, we’d appreciate a comment here so we can fix it, delete it, or else behead the intern who allowed it to slip through our top-secret state-of-the-art link-rechecking megasystem.

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