About The Author

aboutThe author is a self-described “old gentleman watcher and teller.” His blog, “Matters On My Mind,” has some 138 followers, from up and down the Eastern seaboard and as far away as Indiana. He Facebooks, he Tumbls, and he has been honored with more than 36 “Re-Tweets.” His letters to the editor have appeared in the Tiller & Gardener Online and Philately Today, and petitions bearing his electronic signature have been delivered to a leading town council, a leading state representative, and the White House.

He has completed part of the first part of a trilogy set in the fantastic world of Freeistan, where humans, dragons and Yeti (the “mount-folk”) live in mutual harmony but become threatened by a sadistic army from the land of Mammonia. He is currently searching for a better exotic name for a civilization based on greed, because his online writers’ support group e-suggests, not to be anything less than 1,000% supportive, l.o.l., that instead of “Mammon,” the invented word instead evokes “mammaries” or “ammonia,” horrified HOME-ALONE emoticon! Still, the saga’s opening chapter, which is the product of nearly twenty drafts, is doggone near perfect, if the author does say so himself.

The author is single.

A fully certified graduate of Diplomas4all.com, where he majored in Leisure Studies, the author more humorously simultaneously earned an advanced degree from the School of Hard Knocks after months of grinding experience. Following the D4a.c e-commencement e-exercises, he began looking forward avidly to the future, but as a statesman once mused, “History? We won’t know. We’ll all be dead.” The author says that’s kind of brain-freaky, like Zeno’s Paradox or Rubik’s Cube, but still, provocatively stated, no?


Don’t get the author started about politics. A lifelong American, he is flabbergasted that so many people actually believe the crazy idiots on that channel. These issues are not exactly rocket science – actually, some of them are, but that is beside the point. The truth is perfectly clear to any discerning human, but some people simply will not listen to reason. These are known as “defriends.”

The author’s nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, grand-nephews, even that new baby that showed up somehow in the Facebook list of Friends, are all delightful. The author has Liked them till the cows came home. How now, speaking of cows, does an author “defriend” a member of his or her own family? Can anyone help the author here? The baby is still delightful, in case anyone is watching.

Turn-ons: 3-D, long battery life, Megan Fox. Turn-offs: gyms, zombies, the French New Wave.

The author may have to turn in early tonight. But first, the author will be dining on a garden salad, wheat pasta and Chicken Parmesan – prepared, though, using two tablespoons of water in the egg mixture: that is the author’s secret (it’s even better than the Olive Garden’s). He plans to pair a sultry White Zinfandel, which is now “laying down” in the refrigerator. More on Twitter as the entrée continues to bake.


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