10 Reasons Why I Still Read Rolling Stone

RS masthead1)    I used to write for the paper a long time ago, back when it was based in San Francisco and was a tabloid that folded over once for the newsstand. You tend to like your hometown, no matter what happens to it after you move away.

2)    My droogie Andrew Dansby joined the RS Online posse early in its digital incarnation, and occasionally even got some notes pubbed in the print edition. I subbed and read the mag in solidarity, often with widely incredulous eyes. (AD’s now a poobah at the Houston Chronicle, and the RS Online staff back in NY are still postin their little asses off.)

3)    I’m too old for VICE.

4)    And, truth be told, for RS, tho it helps me pretend.

5)    Almost ten years ago, I got a letter from the RS sub dept. Would you like a LIFETIME sub to our mag? Send us $49.95 and it’s yours. I did, and they popped me an extra fifty years. I think the marketing department somehow knew how old I was (yeah, ya dumb boomer: THE REST OF YER PITIFUL LITTLE LIFETIME! HAW HAW HAW!), but still coveted my zipcode to help offset their vanishing youthquake demos. Anyway, I’m at least gonna receive the mag until I die, unless I live to 104, and by that time I hope I don’t even remember what Rolling Stone frickin is.

6)     David Fricke.

7)     David Browne.

8)     THE 10,000 GREATEST ROCK RECORDS. I’ll be there, dawgs: I’m witchoo for the lawng hawl.

9)     The Rolling Stones, who outlasted airfrickinbody and are smilin on the cov of RS #1183, which dropped today.

10)   Jann Wenner – who, like Lorne Michaels, is a survivor.


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