Like, Life And All

The Bard aside, there are seven stages in a typical showbiz career. I’ll use my own name to illustrate them.

1. Have you seen Tom Dupree?
2. Let’s go see Tom Dupree.
3. Let’s use Tom Dupree!
4. Can we get Tom Dupree?
5. Can we get a Tom Dupree type?
6. Can we get a young Tom Dupree?
7. Whatever happened to Tom Dupree?

And that, my bruthas, is showbiz.

I’ve also observed that there are stages to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE fandom, thusly:

1. You’re excited about the host and the musical guest.
2. You don’t get everybody in the cast, but the host is OK and the musical guest still rocks.
3. You still like most everybody, but you’ve never heard of the musical guest, who rocks, I guess.
4. You’ve never heard of the host OR the musical guest.

Since that day, SNL has hipped me to acts I would certainly have otherwise ignored, including Dream Academy [sue me!], the Corrs, and now, the Lumineers. I am a fogey. You got to do two hot live spots on SNL before I will even consider. The Ls did. They rock. End of line.


One Response to Like, Life And All

  1. bpartin says:

    Amen on all 11 counts, and it’s good to know that I’m not the only foggy fogey who found the Lumes delightful.


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