The June Surprise

I was all set to write the piece about the yapping dog having finally caught the car, because if the Supreme Court had struck down the Affordable Care Act, it would then fall to the Republican opposition to produce a solution to our looming healthcare crisis which would satisfy the Congress, the Prez, SCOTUS, and – jeez, I almost forgot – the public. “Obamacare” didn’t get that same chance because (1) most of its beneficial effects haven’t kicked in yet, and (2) the Dems did such a lousy job of explaining it to the American people. I think most Dems didn’t believe the President could actually pull it off. They know better now – I hope.

Reams of paper will be wasted on the reason Chief Justice Roberts decided to join the “liberal” [ha!] minority to produce another 5-4 decision, only very surprising this time. Could knowing what was about to happen be the reason Justice Scalia blew his top from the bench re Arizona?

Roe v. Wade galvanized the anti-abortion movement back in 1973. For massive conspiracy theorists, consider: Roberts deliberately joined the minority to give the Pubs a rallying cry for the fall elections! Nope, I’m not sayin’, but I’ll use the Faux News way out: “Some people believe…”

Of course, that’s fantasy. The efficacy of the ACA, as well as its repairable problems, will be revealed in the fullness of time. But right now, this is one achievement of President Obama’s that the Disloyal Opposition was unable to prevent.


One Response to The June Surprise

  1. Ken Houghton says:

    As I said elsewhere, I have faith that Roberts was just giving PPACA enough rope to hang itself. But being able to not worry about being uninsured for the next three years is victory enough for now.

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