T-Paw Bows Out

After a disappointing third-place finish in the silly and counterproductive Iowa Republican straw poll (thank God Democrats don’t stage these literal clambakes any more; a vote costs $30 [it goes to the Iowa GOP, for which all this is a bizarre fundraiser], a “poll tax” to which the candidates usually treat you), Gov. Tim Pawlenty became the first Pub to drop out of the Presidential race. According to the Huffington Post, Pawlenty senior adviser Phil Musser said the Minnesotan “just wasn’t willing to risk debt to soldier on — part of why he would have been a good president.” Nice sound bite, it even makes empirical sense, and that’s the very attribute that made T-Paw my favorite Pub. The pointless Iowa straw poll has blown away yet another serious candidate. Newt frickin Gingrich is still out there bleating, and Michele Bachmann is now a winner among the state-fair crowd, even though she only beat the so-easily-electable Ron Paul by a well-coiffed hair. Not only is Rick Perry fixin’ to spoil her party, but Sarah Palin’s bus just pulled in! Yet the media continue to cover all this idiocy as if it actually meant something: did you know that Iowans have a real caucus coming up? I do concede, though, that any patriot who eats a stick of fried butter on a hot August day in Iowa is helping out with our looming healthcare crisis (not to mention our political discourse) in a very personal way. Meanwhile, so long and well done to my man T-Paw, leaving Jon Huntsman (second to last in the straw poll) the single voice of Pub reason still standing. Poor guy.


One Response to T-Paw Bows Out

  1. Bruce Owen says:

    Tom, This political season has driven me underground. The Iowa thing was probed by the media so much that I just couldn’t take it. I’m out. I will try to catch up next summer. It’s like baseball,,,I catch a couple of games during spring training. One or two late night games in the summer and then I pay attention just after Labor Day. Wake me up when it matters

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