Wingnuts On Memorial Day

The right-wing goonosphere is playing with a new cat-toy today: President Obama is a commie flag-hater because he’s going to Chicago on vacation over Memorial Day and won’t be laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. (Instead, he’ll be at a national cemetery near Chicago. Vice President Biden will do the honors at Arlington.) Glenn Beck says that’s proof that Obama hates cops and troops. But this drooling idiot, and the other simps who are also transmitting the absurd meme, never bothered to check in with Prof. Reality. David Corn has the full story about how many Presidents directed others to lay wreaths at Arlington — including both Bushes, one of whom was vacationing in Texas on Veterans Day, and that’s in frickin November! — without a peep from the mouth-breathers. Who’s the only President since Reagan took office with a perfect Memorial Day record at Arlington? Wait, I have it right here: it’s Bill Clinton, you miserable dickweeds. 

Hypocrisy, care to join me in a cup of tea?


6 Responses to Wingnuts On Memorial Day

  1. Thank you, and Amen.

  2. Ann Allen says:

    Tom, you’ll be pleased to know that Fox News reported this very information. “Drooling idiot”? “Mouth breathers”? In the words of President Reagan, “there you go again…”

  3. Ann Allen says:

    Have no clue what that means, and as the nice Southern girl who is responsible for you meeting your wife (ask her! the Millsaps connection), I’m pretending you didn’t use such ugly language and that you are always “fair and balanced” toward those with whom you disagree.

  4. Ann Allen says:

    By the way, Senator Blanchie and I used to tap dance together… we go way back…

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