A Tale Of Two Headlines, Part II

As part of our continuing quest for journalistic edification, compare these Tuesday morning headlines, reporting the same story, Monday’s overnight ratings for the series finale of LOST:

‘Lost’ Finale Lifts ABC To Big Night

‘Lost’ Finale Finds a Base, But Not Too Many Others

Students, which headline came from a newspaper that does not own a television network, and which from a newspaper whose sister company is a direct competitor to ABC?

For extra credit, how huge will the overnights for the series finale of 24 seem Wednesday morning in at least one of these papers?


4 Responses to A Tale Of Two Headlines, Part II

  1. Ken Houghton says:

    The second is the NY Post, which will have Kiefer on the cover tomorrow. (I thought the 24 finale was Sunday; thank you for the correction.)

    I can’t tell, though the horrid syntax implies the first is the NYT.

    • Tom Dupree says:

      Half right. The second is the Wall Street Journal. Increasingly, same deal as the Post.

      LOST was Sunday, 24 Monday, meaning its onites arrive on Tue [today] and get printed in Wed’s [tomorrow’s] paper. Neither net had the guts to go head to head, probably a good career move for both.

  2. “A Tale of Two Headlines, or ‘It Is What I Say It Is’: the Sordid State of Journalism Today.”

  3. Cecil Vick says:

    Lost: I see dead people.

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