I hate to take again from The Atlantic, a periodical I adore, and you should support it too, but I just read the most impressive piece since the health care one I asked you to read a few months ago. Since it’s on, I’m plucking it here for you, but if you think America’s going to hell, here’s the learned contrarian view, and god bless us all. If you’re able to abide a long piece — goodbye, Sarah P.! — then please have a read. I beg you.


3 Responses to USA! USA!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for alerting us to this article. The Atlantic has become so wonkish since it moved to DC but it’s still good.

  2. If you would start using Twitter, you could follow the AtlanticOnline. And Atlantic Food. Hope you’re going to post from Sundance.

  3. Tom Dupree says:

    Not *from*, but *after*, when I get back. Greetings from Utah!

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