Advertisement: If You Like Movies, Then Get This Book!

I just got my contributor’s copies of GEORGE LUCAS’S BLOCKBUSTING. It has taken me more than an hour to page through my thirty entries among George Lucas’s hand-picked 300 flicks, but that’s because the *other* 17 writers, and Lucy Wilson’s very entertaining graphical stuff, and the authoritative interstitial material, make this something I CAN’T PUT DOWN! As I told Linda when she walked in and wondered what I was doing, if I wasn’t in this book, I would still want to have it. She hefted it, fanned it, and said, I agree.

If you click on the link in the preceding paragraph and buy the book that way (or just click the cover immediately above), I get a few pennies more. Thank you in advance. But however you acquire this tome, get after it NOW: if you like American movies, then this thing MUST be on your bookshelf.


6 Responses to Advertisement: If You Like Movies, Then Get This Book!

  1. Bill Fisher says:

    Amazon assures me that I will have it in my hot little hands on the ninth.

  2. Bill Fisher says:

    I just got my copy today and already my office productivity has suffered. This is gonna be fun

  3. Mary says:

    Congratulations, Tom. I really enjoy reading your reviews here.

  4. Tom Dupree says:

    Bill: I wrote thirty of the 300 single-film entries. As you can see, each entry is signed, but if you’re like me, it should take you about a *year* to find all thirty of mine, ’cause there’s so much great other stuff along the way. Have fun!

  5. Bruce says:

    I saw some guy named George on “The Daily Show” last night, hawking your book. he didn’t mention you by name, but we all know…

    Thanks for the wonderful writing.

  6. Ayad says:

    If Linda “hefted it, fanned it, and said, I agree” then it must be great! 😉
    Very impressive Mr. Dupree…I will order my copy now.

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