The Sarah Show

I don’t know what Sarah Palin has in mind for 2012, or even 2010. But I know about 2009. She is simply enjoying being the center of attention once again. Not that she’s that terrific an interview, but just having her out there is energizing to the tea-bagging nutcase base, and she revels in the notoriety. I agree with those who say she will never hold national elective office — particularly after practically hanging a QUITTER sign around her neck by resigning the governorship that the good folks of Alaska entrusted in her — but she’s far more in our faces as an author on book tour than in a chilly obscure statehouse. Since anyone who wants to win on a national level has to persuade moderates and independents, Palin’s is an uphill battle to say the least: she’s the Barry Goldwater of the 21st century. But the Republicans won’t be that foolish again.

Now: a third-party run perhaps? Gee, that’s what made both Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s first-term electoral totals so close. Which side would votes for Sarah Palin be drawn from? Maybe progressives should put away the razzberries and start encouraging her…


One Response to The Sarah Show

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I couldn’t see her on Oprah last night because I live in England so I went to Andrew Sullivan’s website to read his live blogging of it. I LOVE to hate her! I am hoping the truth comes out about her faked pregnancy soon.

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