Get Automatic Annoying Emails From Me!

If you want to be warned whenever I blather on about the next unsuspecting subject, and be able to register your outrage instantly, just subscribe to this here thingy by using the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION form on the right. I tried it, and the little dingus actually works!

Don’t worry, you won’t find yourself on any spooky Amway e-list. (My cousin in Nigeria, however…naw, forget it.) You’ll simply get an email alerting you that I just posted a new main entry, the text of the entry itself in teeny type (you can even comment if you like), and a link so you can hop from the email directly back here. It’s like, electrical. So think about it, won’t you?


2 Responses to Get Automatic Annoying Emails From Me!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I already get a huge dose of you. You are on my RSS feed so anytime you open your mouth (so to speak) it pops up on my reader and ALSO I am a devoted follower of your blog so I get you popping into my blog roll too. It’s like I’m Dupro-ed everywhere I turn! 🙂

    Not complaining though ’cause you have matters on your mind and we need to know about it.

    Be nice to see some pics though.

  2. Tom Dupree says:

    I’m already getting sick of me, just *reading* that! But thanks for tuning in…

    There are a very few pics on the site; you just have to snoop around.

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