Decorum, GOP-Style

Remember all those patriots who loved their country so much they could just plotz? The flag-waving dittoheads who would never rev up certain hand-selected constituents to ruin “town-hall meetings” that intended a civil discussion of American health care? Who are so privileged to serve in Congress, where they reach across the aisle, unfettered by pharma and insurance? Well, last night one of them, Joe Wilson (Neanderthal-S.C.) ended centuries of courtesy by shouting “You lie!” at the President of the United States during an address to a joint session of Congress, causing gasps on both sides of the aisle. And unlike Rep. Spanking Fan in California, his mike wasn’t open; he just yelled that loudly. But don’t blame Li’l Joe: his parents evidently were also unable to teach this idiot not to fart at the dinner table. (P.S.: Wilson maintained the president’s “lie” was that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered by his plan, but the Congressman doesn’t know his ass from a basketball.) Another simpleton, Rep. Louie Gohmert (Recount-TX), wore belly signs reading WHAT PLAN? and WHAT BILL? Still other pandering bozos held up sheets of paper with words too small to read on them, in some unexplained imitation of John Cusack in SAY ANYTHING, every time the president paused. Was Reagan ever treated this disrespectfully? Either Bush? John Wayne? Nope, the other side hasn’t yet indulged itself into incontinence. This kind of childish misbehavior ought to be beneath contempt, but I still have plenty left. What utter buffoons. They should be tossed out with the rest of the trash at the midterms (Li’l Joe’s Democratic opponent, Rob Miller, unexpectedly raised more than $100,000 in small donations by morning), but how will all this play on Fox News? As courage?


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