A Movie Trivia Question You Will Never Ever Get

A short one while I’m preparing two other longer ones. (Hot dogs for Labor Day, you perverts!) On his website, Roger Ebert was decrying stupid movie trivia questions. His replies thread was perhaps the best in blogdom. I posed this one:

In how many movies did Boris Karloff play Frankenstein?

Think about it. The answer is at the bottom of the Comments page.


8 Responses to A Movie Trivia Question You Will Never Ever Get

  1. Elizabeth says:

    But movie trivia is my life! How can Ebert say it’s a plague? Thanks for the tip about this site, though; it’s fab.

  2. Bill Fisher says:

    I’m not sure Frankenstein 1970 was all that bad

  3. Tom Dupree says:

    Bill: Have you actually SEEN it?

    But that is my favorite movie trivia question. Try it out sometime.

    Here’s one for you science fiction fans:
    What Oscar-winning movie is based on a Hugo-winning story?

    • Richard says:

      I wish I could say “Hugo,” but that novel won a Caldecott, not a Hugo award.

      • Tom Dupree says:

        At the time I posted, the correct answer was CHARLY. It won a well-deserved Hugo for Daniel Keyes, then the Oscar for Best Actor for Cliff Robertson’s great turn. The misdirection was that the awards were for two such different things.

        I think ENEMY MINE somehow ruined this piece of trivia, but I don’t remember the details.

  4. Bill Fisher says:

    Actually seen it? Well …….. I do have it and Walking Dead saved in my Netflix queue but have I actually seen it, hmmmmm. Perhaps I should have said “Are you sure Frankenstein 1970 was all that bad?”

  5. Tom Dupree says:

    Five words:

    Karloff with a buzz cut.

  6. Tom Dupree says:


    Most people would either (a) erroneously try to count up the Frankenstein movies staring Karloff, or (b) erroneously sneer that the answer is ZERO because Karloff only played Frankenstein’s Monster.

    But the correct answer is: ONE.

    In FRANKENSTEIN 1970, Karloff played the Doctor, or at least progeny, with a weird white buzz-cut.

    This is an example of film trivia which deflates. You knew about F1970, nobody else did. So effin what?

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